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How can I view/buy a Paragon Surfboard? You can view/buy a Paragon Surfboard by setting up an appointment with your local dealer.  Alternatively, you can purchase a Paragon Surfboard directly by visiting our online store.

Where are Paragon Surfboards shaped? At Paragon Surfboards, we have embraced the future of surfboard design through our digital shaping system. We use computer aided design (CAD) software that provides us the flexibility to alter a variety of factors (e.g. outline, dimensions, rocker, concave, fin placement, etc.), which is done in Asia.

Why are Paragon Surfboards so affordable? We are able to keep our costs down by utilizing our digital shaping system along with inexpensive marketing forums (ie: Craigslist, Facebook, Twitter, etc.).  As a result, we are able to provide high-quality surfboards at a fraction of the price that you’d pay at your local surf shop.

What type of blanks do you use? For our epoxy boards, we use a proprietary blend of lightweight/high-strength materials.  For our polyurethane boards (PU), we use Excel blanks which are premium blanks characterized by a uniform density foam.

What type of resin do you use? For our PU boards, we use a high grade/UV resistant resin from Silmar Company.  For our epoxy boards, we use resin from Resin Research Company.

How many layers of glass do you use on your boards?

  • Shortboards –6/4oz on top, 4 oz on bottom
  • Midlengths– Top-Single 6oz + 4oz, Bottom-Single 6oz
  • Longboards – Double 6oz on top, single 6oz on bottom

What type of fin options do you offer? Futures and traditional center fin boxes

Do you do glass-on fins? No

What is ParaLite Epoxy? Learn about ParaLite Epoxy.

How are your foamies constructed? Learn about FoamTech.

Do you offer custom boards? Not at this time.

Do you ship boards? Yes. Read about Shipping.

What is your return policy? Read our Return Policy.