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We fell in love with foamies a few years back on a surf trip to Mex.  Someone brought a Costco Wavestorm and we couldn’t believe how fun it was.  After returning back to SoCal, we tried a few foamies from some of the big name companies and had a blast.  However, we noticed that once the waves got above waist high, these boards actually performed worse due to their poor construction.  We also noticed that they were heavy, slow, and lacked durability.

So we decided to make a better foamy…one that would cruise on small days and shred on bigger days.  Starting with a hand-shaped epoxy core and a high-density wood stringer, our foamies have the same strength characteristics of a traditional surfboard.  The rails and bottom contours are also hand-shaped, and the boards are finished with Hexcel cloth and epoxy resin.  The top deck/rails are wrapped and vacuum-sealed with a texturized EVA foam.



As a result, these boards have the cushy feel of a foamy coupled with the performance/durability of a traditional surfboard.  They are significantly lighter and faster than other options on the market, and they won’t bog or slow down in critical parts of the wave.  The EVA foam material is texturized, so you no longer have to worry about waxing up your board.  And because the material wraps around the rails, gone are the days of rail dings.