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It’s funny how every surfer has a story about how they fell in love with surfing. For us, it was almost destined to happen growing up in a beach community. From all day beach BBQ’s to family excursions in Baja Mexico, the surf bug bit us at an early age. As weekend road trips quickly turned into summers in Central America, the next thing we knew, every penny that we saved went toward traveling to new surf destinations.

As our surf travels accumulated, we became increasingly interested in fine-tuning our own equipment.  We started out by making boards for ourselves, then for our friends, and the next thing we knew, Paragon Surfboards was born.

By utilizing word-of-mouth marketing and a state of the art digital shaping system, we’re able to create high quality surfboards at a reasonable price.  So whether you’re looking to catch your very first wave or you’re planning your big trip to Indo, we have the board for you.  We’ll see you in the water!