Our ParaLite Technology uses a proprietary epoxy resin that is significantly stronger than standard polyester resin.  We also use a high-density expanded polystyrene foam core (EPS), which results in a board that is both lighter and more buoyant than a traditional polyurethane (PU) surfboard.  Finally, we use a polyvinyl chloride (PVC) composite stringer, which adds further strength to each board.  The end result is that you get a lighter board that is significantly stronger than a traditional PU surfboard.


What does this mean for you? First, you’ll find that a lighter board is easier to maneuver both in and out of the water. Lugging your board to and from the beach won’t be such a chore, and catching waves will feel like a breeze. Also, gone are the days of spider cracks and frequent ding repair. A ParaLite Epoxy board is less likely to ding or crack, which ultimately means more time for you in the water. Finally, having a long-lasting board increases your likelihood of building an effective quiver. Although this may not be top of mind for you, discover why many surfers are changing their entire approach when it comes to surf equipment.