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The most common question that we receive is “what board do you think is best for me?”  And although you can view our board buying guide for tips, the answer that we’d like to give is that “there is no best board for you.” In fact, there’s no best board for anyone.

Surfing is a dynamic sport, and so are the conditions. One day might be small, smooth, and glassy while another might be big, hollow, and out-of-control. Because of this, the perfect board is directly related to the conditions at hand.

A great analogy would be that of golf. If you were to play 18 holes, you certainly wouldn’t use the same club for every shot.  Rather, your club would change based on the distance from the hole, the weather conditions, etc. Well that same concept applies to surfing. So how do you ensure that you have the perfect board for the given conditions? Build Your Quiver.

Your Quiver

Your quiver should be a reflection of the conditions that you usually surf. The ideal quiver typically includes a longboard for tiny days, a mid-length for playful days, and a shortboard or groveler for those juicy days. It's always fun to have a foamy on hand as well.  You can always add more, but having these four shapes will undoubtedly improve your surfing and increase your time in the water.

But the cost? Yes, building a quiver is costly and it can take some time.  But keep in mind that there’s no rush here. The idea is to slowly build your quiver over time so you eventually have the ideal board for the given conditions. And because Paragon Surfboards are more affordable than other surfboards, building a quiver is actually feasible.