9'5" Sweeper SUP- Woody Grain

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With it'۪s narrow nose and increased rocker, the Sweeper SUP is ideal for the smaller/lighter person as well as the person looking to ride ocean waves. Additionally, this board is a great option for people with limited storage space.

  • Dimensions: 9'5"x 30.5" x 4.4"
  • Volume: 155L
  • Weight: 22-24 lbs
  • Bottom Contour: Single concave w/ vee out the tail
  • Fin Set Up: 9" center fin + two side fins
  • Material: ParaLite Epoxy
  • Glass: Top-8oz + 6oz, Bottom-Single 8oz
  • Carbon Fiber Paddle: Adjustable, 85"
  • Traction Pad, Recessed Handle, Air Vent