Wave Pools Are Coming

Wave pools are coming. Scratch that, wave pools that you want to surf are coming. The gutless-knee high wave pools that we are all used to are nothing new. wave pools

Imagine surfing a wave pool that offers perfectly formed tubing waves that peel for more than 220 m without losing power or shape. Paragon_Surfboards_Wave_Pools

The wave pool that we are speaking of is the Wave Garden, located in the Basque Country of Northern Spain. Paragon_Surfboards_Wave_Pools_2

The creators of the Wave Garden claim, “every minute two identical waves break simultaneously left and right with barreling point break type rides up to 20 seconds long. Once the waves reach the bay area, the left and right hand waves transform into smooth rolling whitewater waves; perfect for children, longboarding and surf lessons. Paragon_Surfboards_Wave_Pools_1

It is the longest artificial surfing wave in existence, and the wave quality, shape, and speed, are suitable for the highest levels of performance surfing.”

Check out Jeremy Flores absolutely shredding!

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