Longboard or Mini-Log?

We are regularly asked what type of board we recommend for a beginner: Longboard or a Mini-Log?

Longboards (9’0” and above) are great because their length, width, and thickness make them easy to paddle and catch waves. Yet longboards can create hidden problems. All the extra foam and fiberglass can make them heavy and difficult to carry. Just getting your longboard to the beach may require you to use surf racks because the longboard may not fit in your car. Since the average household ceiling is 8’0” tall, any longboard taller than 8’0” can be difficult to store.


Smaller longboards or Mini-Logs offer all the benefits of a longboard, including the extra width and thickness making it easy to catch waves and stand up. However, Mini-Logs are much easier to carry, transport and store. Children or someone with a smaller build often don’t need to get a board any bigger than a Mini-Log. The Paragon Mini-Log is perfect for someone learning to surf or for a seasoned pro that wants to step down from a bulky traditional longboard.


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