Hurricane Swells, Warm Water and Mini Models

Summer 2015 is in full swing. Hurricane swells and warm water continue to bless us. We just added a few new summer inspired colors to our Mini Simmons and Mini-Log models. These boards are a perfect summertime addition to any quiver.

Mini Simmons– Inspired by Bob Simmons’ revolutionary design of the 1950’s, the Paragon Mini Simmons embraces many of the design elements that have made this shape so popular. The front third of the board is very flat (speed), while the rest of the board transitions from a single to double concave with vee out the tail (loose). The rails are rolled and forgiving, yet they blend into a hardened edge toward the tail. Finally, the outline is fat and wide, allowing for ridiculous down-the-line speed. The Paragon Mini Simmons is all about speed and flow.


Mini-Log-A scaled-down version of our Modern Noserider, the Mini-Log offers the paddling power of a longboard with the maneuverability of a smaller board. The Mini-Log is conveniently light, which makes it easy to both transport and store.


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